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[Latest] Cambridge IELTS Series 01 – 17 with Answers (PDF & Audio CD)

Cambridge IELTS Series 01 -17

Cambridge IELTS 1 – 17 is the best source of IELTS test questions for you to familiarize yourself with the IELTS test structure and practice IELTS techniques before you take the exam!

However, do you really know how to take advantage of these 16 books? Here are some methods for you to fully make use of the book and get a high score on the exam:


One of the biggest difficulties when doing the IELTS test is that you only listen once. If you miss some parts of the sections, you will not have a second chance to do it again.

However, when you practice listening at home, you can listen to it over and over again. Every time you listen, you will definitely learn something new and your listening skills will be greatly improved.

Listen to the same section over and over, and with each listening you focus on different aspects:

For example, with the first listening, focus on listening and understanding the meaning of the whole conversation or grasp the main idea of it. For the second listening, you can focus on listening to the verbs, and see how they are stressed during the listening. Next, pay attention to the pronunciation, stress, or intonation of speakers, and finally try listening to words like articles or prepositions ….


If you have completed the Reading tests of the series, don’t hesitate to redo them again.


When it comes to writing, focus on the quality of your writing, instead of the quantity of the Writing tests you can take.  For example, rather than write four essays to answer four different writing task 2 questions, try writing about one topic four different times. Every time you write, try to improve and develop a different aspect. For example, you can try to focus on the grammar part in your first essay. In the second one, you can develop more relevant ideas to meet task achievement criteria of the Writing test. And then you can focus on coherence & cohesion, and lexical resourcesYour writing skills will improve dramatically with this.


Before sitting the IELTS Speaking test, you should prepare different IELTS question lists for Part 1, 2, & 3 and practice them daily with your IELTS partner or on your own.

Record yourself to listen again and take notes of any errors to correct them. The goal is that you can “master” this list of questions before taking the IELTS test.

All of them need a lot of patience, because you will feel frustrated and very bored when you start. However, there’s no shortcut to success! Once you are determined enough, you will get an IELTS score you deserve!


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– Cambridge IELTS 01: Download Ebook + Audio

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– Cambridge IELTS 06: Download Ebook + Audio

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– Cambridge IELTS 11: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 12: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 13: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 14: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 15: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 16: Download Ebook + Audio

– Cambridge IELTS 17: Download Ebook + Audio

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