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[Latest] Cambridge IELTS 18 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio with Resource Bank

The hottest test preparation book series – Cambridge IELTS 18 has officially launched the IELTS learner community. Let’s learn about it through the article below.

Are you looking for a book that updates and predicts the latest IELTS test content? Are you wondering whether to choose a book from a reputable publisher? The following article will introduce you to Cambridge IELTS 18 – a perfect set of books that will meet your above criteria! Let’s find out with Test IELTS Online now!


1. Introduction to Cambridge IELTS 18

To help candidates have the best orientation to prepare for the IELTS exam, the prestigious publisher of English books – Cambridge has launched the Cambridge IELTS series. With an update on changes and topic orientations. Basic exam through exam questions, this book series is one of the most anticipated IELTS preparation materials in 2023.

The Cambridge IELTS 18 test set has officially appeared and promises to bring you quality IELTS tests, close to the real IELTS exam. 

Cambrdige EILTS Acedemic 18 from

Cambrdige EILTS Acedemic 18 from

The book Cambridge IELTS 18 is certainly one of the books most anticipated by IELTS students in 2023.

Also included in the Cambridge University book series, IELTS Cambridge 18 will definitely be a quality test set that those who intend to take the IELTS test need to pass.

Just like the Cambridge IELTS 17 book, the Cambridge IELTS 18 book provides Practice Tests (according to the standard format of the real test) and accompanying answers, but does not provide any instructions or test-taking tips.

This book is suitable for those who already have a solid English foundation, and want to practice more test questions to prepare for the IELTS exam.

So what content does Cambridge IELTS 18 include?

The content of the latest Cambridge IELTS 18 book is divided into 3 parts as follows:

Introduction: Includes knowledge related to the IELTS test structure, form, scoring method, test scoring criteria, etc. to help readers visualize the format of an IELTS test that will take place. how.

Next part: Includes 4 sample tests close to the actual test with all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The sample tests are diverse and closely follow up to 90% of the actual test for you to practice

The Final Part: Is a detailed explanation and sample exam sheet for you to refer to and self-assess your abilities after completing the exam. From there, you can learn the mistakes you made and pay attention to correcting them in the real test!

The latest version of the Cambridge IELTS 18 book has the same form and content as other books in the Cambridge IELTS book series. The difference from previous books is that the explanations and answers are explained more clearly and specifically, and the sound quality for listening practice is also improved. Especially the exam questions that closely follow the actual exam of 2023.

1. Listening test – Cam IELTS 18
In terms of the distribution of question types, compared to Cam 10 – Cam 17, the question types of Cambridge IELTS 18 are basically stable, the question types are still Part 1 and Part 4 fill in the blanks, while Part 2 and Part 3 are multiple choice questions.

It is worth noting that the overall proportion of multiple-choice questions in Cam 18 has increased due to the increase in multiple-choice questions, while the proportion of fill-in-the-blank questions and image-based questions less than. However, compared to Cambridge IELTS 17, image-based questions (map questions) have returned and the proportion of map questions in the upcoming real IELTS test has also increased, you need to pay attention to this. .

In terms of listening context, Cam 18 and Cam 10 – Cam 17 focus mainly on two categories: academic and life. With the theme of life, mainly about daily life, job search, business management and travel; with academic topics, mainly research topics, social sciences and humanities. The only difference is that the Listening topic in Cambridge IELTS 18 appears on uncommon science and technology topics.

However, because the science and technology topics appearing in Part 4 are mainly word-filling questions, you do not need to worry too much when encountering topics with high technical difficulty, word-filling questions. The main thing is that you need to learn how to “read, understand and predict each question”, specialized words do not affect too much on test-taking.

In general, the change in listening and corresponding difficulty of Cam 18 can be analyzed as follows:

The rate of multiple choice/selection questions increased to about 13.7%, pay attention to the use of elimination method
Compared to Cam 17, the overall difficulty of the listening part in Cam 18 has decreased, the reading speed and voice are still at a normal level, even some parts have a slower speed, with only a little northern dialect. English and Irish accent
Innovation in replacing synonyms, from replacing vocabulary with explanatory words, requiring higher understanding of candidates
The difficulty of the fill-in-the-blank questions is average, with many new words appearing in the multiple choice questions.

2. Speaking test – Cambridge IELTS 18 2023
In general, the Speaking questions of Cam IELTS 18 are considered not too difficult by the instructors at SOL IELTS. According to the sample questions in Cam 18, the IELTS Speaking section has the following characteristics:

2.1. Part 1

New topics appear less frequently. Although Cam 18 has new topics, old topics still hold the leading position.
Some examiners in Speaking part 1 will also ask questions related to Why/Why not, please pay attention to prepare the content of your answer.
Part 1 and Parts 2 and 3 may involve exchanging questions with each other.
2.2. Part 2

From Cam 18, it can be predicted that in the near future, each quarter of the real exam will have a theme related to travel.
There is a diverse mix of topics and one question can relate to several different topics
We need to pay more attention to the tense of questions, similar questions/same topic can be asked in different forms
2.3. Part 3

More and more personal opinion questions appear
Focus more on assessing candidates’ actual language abilities

3. Reading test in Cam book IELTS 18 pdf
In terms of the distribution of question types, compared to Cam 4 – Cam 17, Cam 18 continues to retain the characteristics of filler questions, combination questions and evaluation questions accounting for an absolute proportion, but the proportion The proportion of meaningful paragraph selection questions decreased compared to before, while the proportion of single selection questions increased significantly.
Regarding the main types of questions: Fill-in-the-blank questions with synonyms are increasingly focused on with phrases and the difficulty level is significantly increased. Matching features questions can appear with Matching information questions. T/F/NG questions in Cam 18 tend to decrease. There is only one List of Headings question that appears in Cam 18, but The SOL tells you – this is still the type of question that needs special attention if you want to get a high band score.
On topic: the distribution of

Download Full Cambridge IELTS 18 Ebook PDF + AUDIO CD Here


2. Who is Cambridge IELTS 18 suitable for?

Cambridge IELTS 18 is suitable for those who have a solid foundation in English, those who set a band score goal of 5.5 – 7.5 and want to add more test questions to prepare for this IELTS exam.

If you have not determined your level, you can refer to the IELTS practice test on the website to determine whether your ability level is suitable for the Cambridge IELTS 18 book or not!

Content of Cambridge IELTS 17 book

The topics given in book 18 focus on the following tests:

Test 1 Listening 1 Transport Survey 
Listening 2 Becoming a volunteer for ACE 
Listening 3 Talk on jobs in fashion design 
Listening 4 Elephant translocation 
Reading 1 Urban farming
Reading 2 Forest management in Pennsylvania, USA 
Reading 3 Conquering Earth’s space junk problem 
Writing 1 Line chart
Writing 2 Agree or Disagree
Speaking 1 Paying bills 
Speaking 2 Describe some food or drink that you learned to prepare
Speaking 3 Young people and cooking

Working as a chef

Test 2 Listening 1 Working at Milo’s Restaurants 
Listening 2 The new housing development plan 
Listening 3 The Laki eruption of 1783
Listening 4 Pocket 
Reading 1 Stonehenge 
Reading 2 Living with artificial intelligence 
Reading 3 An ideal city 
Writing 1 Column chart
Writing 2 Discuss both view and give opinion
Speaking 1 Science
Speaking 2 Describe a tourist attraction in your country that you would recommend.
Speaking 3 Museums and art galleries

The holiday industry

Test 3 Listening 1 Wayside Camera Club
membership form (Điền form cho câu lạc bộ Wayside về máy ảnh)
Listening 2 Picking mushrooms
Listening 3 Future works with automation 
Listening 4 Space Traffic Management 
Reading 1 Materials to take us beyond concrete 
Reading 2 The steam car 
Reading 3 The case for mixed-ability classes 
Writing 1 Diagram
Writing 2 Give your Opinion
Speaking 1 Online shopping
Speaking 2 Describe a time when you enjoyed visiting a member of your family in their home.
Speaking 3 Family occasions

Everyday life in families

Test 4 Listening 1 Job details from employment agency 
Listening 2 The Museum of Farming Life
Listening 3 Origami as an educational tool 
Listening 4 Victor Hugo
Reading 1 Green roofs 
Reading 2 The growth mindset 
Reading 3 Alfred Wegener: science, exploration and the theory of continental drift 
Writing 1 Line chart
Writing 2 Advantages and Disadvantages
Speaking 1 Sleep
Speaking 2 Describe a time when you met someone who you became good friends with
Speaking 3 Friends at school

Making new friends

3. Instructions for practicing Cam 18 effectively

To achieve the best results with Cambridge 18 books, students need to spend time researching carefully and combining homework and analysis. First, you can try taking the tests as if you were taking a real exam to practice confidence and prepare well for taking the exam later. After completing the tests, students should review the answers to check their scores.


Solutions, answers, and guides!

Try your hand at this latest 2023 question set.

Please click on the link below to download the document, there is a pdf version and a reading and writing version as well.

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Download Full Cambridge IELTS 18 Ebook PDF + AUDIO CD Here


4. Advantages of Cambridge IELTS 18 book

Cambridge IELTS 17 book is one of the newest books in the Cambridge IELTS book series, below are the advantages of the book:

So, above is all the detailed information related to the Cambridge IELTS 18 book. Hopefully, the information provided by will help you better understand the book and prepare for the IELTS exam. mine is better. Wishing you good studies and don’t forget to refer to the IELTS Ebook section to supplement your knowledge to conquer high scores!

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