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[Latest] Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio with Resource Bank

The hottest test preparation book series – Cambridge IELTS 17 has officially launched the IELTS learner community. Let’s learn about it through the article below.

Are you looking for a book that updates and predicts the latest IELTS test content? Are you wondering whether to choose a book from a reputable publisher? The following article will introduce you to Cambridge IELTS 17 – a perfect set of books that will meet your above criteria! Let’s find out with Test IELTS Online now!


1. Introduction to Cambridge IELTS 17

To help candidates have the best orientation to prepare for the IELTS exam, the prestigious publisher of English books – Cambridge has launched the Cambridge IELTS 17 series. With an update on changes and topic orientations. Basic exam through exam questions, this book series is one of the most anticipated IELTS preparation materials in 2022.

Cambridge IELTS 17 from TestIeltsOnline.Com

So what content does Cambridge IELTS 17 include?

Like previous books, Cambridge IELTS 17 retains the same exam structure. However, the topics have been added and expanded by the author, so the content of this latest edition is considered to be more diverse than the previous book series.

The book provides learners with 4 complete tests with 4 skills of Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading with Audio files with detailed answers for each question. This will help you to self-assess the speed of the test and the amount of knowledge you have learned easily. Each test is designed by the author according to the latest topic trend in 2021-2022. That’s why if you don’t know about the IELTS Cambridge book series, or don’t have any books to review, it’s a waste!

Cambridge IELTS 17 includes 4 IELTS Academic practice tests covering all 4 skills (full IELTS Academic tests): Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

At the end of the book there are exam answers, audioscripts and sample writing for you to compare and refer to. Helps learners become familiar with question types, improve their test-taking ability and be able to self-test their English level to prepare for the IELTS exam effectively.

Note: Although it is called a book, in reality, Cambridge IELTS 17 is more like a set of exam questions. It only provides practice tests (following the standard format of the real test), audioscripts and accompanying answers, but does not provide any instructions or test-taking tips.

Basic information of Cambridge IELTS 17 book:

Book title: Cambridge IELTS 17
Author: N/A
Manufactured by: Cambridge University Press
Year of publication: 2021
Page number: 194

Download Full Cambridge IELTS 17 Ebook PDF + AUDIO CD Here


2. Who is Cambridge IELTS 17 suitable for?

Cambridge IELTS 17 is suitable for those who have a solid foundation in English, those who set a band score goal of 5.5 – 7.5 and want to add more test questions to prepare for this IELTS exam.

If you have not determined your level, you can refer to the IELTS practice test on the website to determine whether your ability level is suitable for the Cambridge IELTS 17 book or not!

Content of Cambridge IELTS 17 book

The book’s content is taken from IELTS practice tests, helping readers become familiar with the test and practice their knowledge more thoroughly. Cambridge IELTS 17 is considered to have the most updated content with directions for IELTS exam questions in recent years. If you have taken the Cambridge IELTS books before, you will certainly not be too unfamiliar with the layout of these books.

Below is the main layout of the book including:

Cambridge IELTS 17 includes 4 practice tests for all 4 skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing). Each practice exam is carefully compiled, so that the format is as similar to the real exam as possible. This will help students become familiar with the format and requirements of the IELTS test, while also practicing their skills.

3. The most effective way to learn Cambridge IELTS 17 for beginners

To study the Cambridge IELTS 17 book as well as prepare for the exam effectively, you should allocate your time appropriately and consolidate previous knowledge to ensure efficiency during the test.

a, Listening part

The Listening section of Cambridge IELTS 17 has specific content:

Test 1:

Listening Section 1 Buckworth Conservation Group 
Listening Section 2 Boat trip round Tasmania 
Listening Section 3 Work experience for veterinary science students 
Listening Section 4 Labyrinths 

 Test 2:

Section 1
Opportunities for voluntary work in Southoe village 
Section 2
Oniton Hall 
Section 3
Romeo and Juliet 
Listening Section 4 The impact of digital technology on the Icelandic language 

Test 3:

Section 1
Advice on surfing holidays 
Section 2
Childcare Service
Section 3
Holly’s Work Placement Tutorial 
Section 4
Bird Migration Theory 

Test 4:

Section 1
Easy Life Cleaning Services 
Section 2
Staff Turnover 
Section 3
Sporting activities at school 
Section 4
Maple syrup

Listening tests are not only to practice your listening ability, you can completely use audio files to practice IELTS Speaking. Try to repeat the reader’s voice as closely as you can (Shadowing Method) and record it to see your progress. However, this way is more suitable for you to practice British English because most of the Audio is British. If you want to practice American English accent, you can refer to other sources such as VOA, Fox News, CNN, etc.

b, IELTS Reading

Some types of questions often appear in the Reading test such as Multiple choice questions, Information identification questions, Information matching, Head Matching. topic), Sentence completion, Summary completion, Features matching, etc. For IELTS Reading tests, you can refer to the following learning methods:

One of the mistakes of many candidates is the unreasonable allocation of time leading to not completing the test. To overcome this, besides knowing how to do the right types of cards and dividing the time, you also need to increase your reading speed. You can practice English reading comprehension through bilingual articles, bilingual movie apps, etc.

The Reading articles in Cambridge IELTS 17 have not changed much, still maintaining the old format but the topics are more diverse and broader. Below are the Reading topics in Cambridge IELTS 17:

Test 1:

Reading Passage 1 The London underground railway
Reading Passage 2 Stadiums: past, present and future 
Reading Passage 3 To catch a king

Test 2:

Reading Passage 1 The Dead Sea Scrolls 
Reading Passage 2 A second attempt at domesticating the tomato 
Reading Passage 3 Insight or evolution? 

Test 3:

Reading Passage 1 The thylacine 
Reading Passage 2 Palm oil 
Reading Passage 3 Building the Skyline: The Birth and Growth of Manhattan’s Skyscrapers 

Test 4:

Reading Passage 1 Bats to the rescue 
Reading Passage 2 Does education fuel economic growth? 
Reading Passage 3 Timur Gareyev – blindfold chess champion 

c, IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test consists of 3 parts, Section 1: asking about name, age, nationality, ID… Section 2: asking about yourself, family, current job and Section 3: asking about hobbies , these questions are selected from sample questions, such as Do you enjoy traveling and why/why not?

With the Speaking test, remember to record your speech to adjust your voice to your liking. Practicing speaking in front of a mirror when practicing Speaking is also very good for you to adjust your own mouth and body language.

It’s better to have a partner to practice with. Having a good partner not only gives you suggestions, but also honestly reflects your current level. And having someone to learn Speaking will help you feel less bored

d, IELTS Writing

Writing is a skill that many IELTS learners are struggling with. To write well you need determination and perseverance. Practicing writing a lot does not necessarily bring good results, you should pay more attention to the quality of each article.

And especially you need to find someone who can correct your cards and show you your mistakes

Free Download Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio with Resource Bank (PDF + Audio CD ) below link here:



4. Advantages of Cambridge IELTS 17 book

Cambridge IELTS 17 book is one of the newest books in the Cambridge IELTS book series, below are the advantages of the book:

So, above is all the detailed information related to the Cambridge IELTS 17 book. Hopefully, the information provided by will help you better understand the book and prepare for the IELTS exam. mine is better. Wishing you good studies and don’t forget to refer to the IELTS Ebook section to supplement your knowledge to conquer high scores!

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